Nurse Practitioner Clinical Practicum

The seminars provided didactic instruction on the practice of applying advanced nursing knowledge in family nursing and advanced practice role of the family nurse practitioner. I had joint preceptor and faculty guidance and supervision in the care of selected populations in a variety of health care settings.  I observed in the Anderson Skin and Cancer Clinic in Anderson.  I provided guided care in the Good Samaritan Free Clinic in Easlyey, SC and in the Doctor’s Care Clinic in Simpsonville, SC.


Vicki Stone, NP            Anderson Skin and Cancer Clinic in Anderson
Kathy Elmore, NP         Good Samaritan Free Clinic in Easley
Nelson Hobbs, FNP       Doctor’s Care Clinic in Simpsonville

                                 Total Patients: 300

 Provided preceptor-guided assessments, diagnosis, and prescribed medication for patients aged 3 months to 94 years of age from diverse cultural and socioecomic status with the following conditions: 

  • Acute and chronic upper and lower respiratory diseases and conditions: 50 Sinusitis, 33 Bronchitis, 120 URI, 26 Influenza, 7 Streppharyngitis, 6 Allergic rhinitis, 3 Pneumonia, 1 Peritonsilar abscess, 1 Mononucleosis, 3 Tonsilitis.
  • Acute and chronic upper and lower gastrointestinal diseases and conditons: 4 AGE
  • Acute and chronic musculoskeletal diseases and conditions: 3 Fractures, 2 Fibromyalgia, 2 joint sprains, 3 joint strains, 1 tendonitis
  • Acute and chronic cardiac diseases and conditions: 5 HTN, 1 CHF, 2 Chest pain
  • Routine physicals, sports physicals, and follow-up evaluations: 9 Sports physicals, 2 DOT physicals, 1 f/u CXR, 1 f/u animal bite
  • Routine and episodic gynecology exams requiring Pap smears and STD screenings: 3 PAP smears, 3 Pelvic exams, 6 UTI/Cystitis
  • Acute injuries and new onset urgent conditions requiring timely and appropriate referals to medical specialists: 1 Head injury, 1 Mental status changes, 1 Pediatric GU
  • Chronic and infectious dermatology diseases and conditions: 1 Pediculosis, 3 Atopic dermitis, 5 Cellulitis, 1 Urticaria, 1 Contact dermatitis, 1 Abdominal abscess, 1 Lipoma, 3 Scabies
  • Conditions and Infectious diseases of the eye: 4 Conjuctivitis, 1 Conjuctival hematoma
  • Infectious diseases of the ear: 3 Otitis media, 2 Otitis externa
  • Conducted medication reviews and refills for patients with multiple diagnoses: 5
  • Performed diagnostic microscopic evaluations of specimens: 2 Bacterial vaginosis, 2 Vaginal candidiasis

Clinical logs:

Health Promotion Project:

   Dermatologic & Infectious Disease Protocols

   Dermatologic Protocols 3

   Dermatologic Protocols 2

   Infectious Disease Protocol 2

   Infectious Disease Protocol

Preceptor Evaluation: 

Health Promotion Project: